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SAFE Announcements and Events:

Mission and Objectives

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mission2The mission of the SAFE consortium is to Keep Food Safety on the Agenda: on the agenda of researchers, of industry, of policy-makers and legislators, of journalists, of funding bodies and of the general public. We aim to stimulate the public debate in Europe on the scientific aspects of food safety.

SAFE achieves this mission by fulfilling the SAFE consortium objectives:

  • to inform public debate in Europe with regard to all matters relating to food safety
  • to make available up-to-date knowledge based on independence and scientific integrity
  • to extract scientific questions from issues of public concern and to promote and build relevant scientific research programmes

SAFE members are institutes whose scientific integrity is guaranteed by the unlimited right to publish in the public interest. We make available unbiased scientific knowledge and work together to develop and promote interdisciplinary research projects and partnerships. This requires a strategic assessment of research trends in food safety and a high degree of interaction with the European Commission and its institutions, European and national food safety authorities, food industry and academia.

SAFE members may log in to see the SAFE consortium "Articles of Association". Once logged in, an article will be visilbe in the SAFE consortiumAbout us tab.

The SAFE consortium - About us

Interesting Notes

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