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SAFE Announcements and Events:

  • SAFE Special Issue in TIFS. February 2019

    SAFE consortium members will publish a Special Issue of Trends in Food Science &Technology as one of the first issues of TIFS 2019.

    Keeping Food Safety on the Agenda for 15 Years: The SAFE Consortium

    There are five food safety themes in the Special Issue, each led by a SAFE member:

    1. The Circular Bioeconomy, by Matis Ltd in Iceland
    2. Safe Nutrients, by IBA in Romania
    3. Emerging Microbial Threats, by CNR-DiSBA in Italy
    4. Chemical Hazards, by AZTI in Spain
    5. Risk Communication, by Nofima in Norway

    The release EVENT will take place in April 2019 in Brussels. Stay tuned for further information. 


  • GHI Congress on Food Safety and Security: 24 March 2019

    The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) is an international non-profit network founded in 2004 to promote harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislation. Read more about GHI here.

    GHI will hold its first World Congress to address the problem of differences in regulations between countries and scientifically unjustified food scares which lead to the destruction and/or refusal of safe food. Read more about the Congress here.

    The GHI World Congress will be a platform for presenting the most suitable assays for food safety assessments within different fileds - chemistry and microbiology to genetic toxicology and genomics. Congress participants will produce a declaration which calls for and establishes a target to change regulations based on available knowledge.

    SAFE consortium is a GHI Supporting Organization.

    Register here.


  • SAFE Executive Board and Member Meetings 2018-January

    The upcoming 2018 meetings of the SAFE consortium Executive Board will be by teleconference in

    TUESDAY 19 June at 15H CET

    Log in as a SAFE member to download the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE EB meetings. Also available are the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE Member Meetings, including the Annual General Meetings. Once logged in, these documents become visible as a separate article in Past Events.

    If your institution is a SAFE member but you don't have a User Name and Password - send an email to Katherine Flynn with your 3 food safety interests and you will be registered.

    If your institution is not a SAFE member - you will find information here on how to apply.


  • INCREaSE 2019: 9-11 Oct 2019

    SAFE consortium will participate in the International Congress on Engineering and Sustainability in the XXIst Century to be held at the University of Algarve in Faro PT from 8-11 October 2019.

    The SAFE Secretary General, Katherine M Flynn, is a member of the Scientific Committee.

    Read about SAFE participation in INCREaSE 2017 here.

    Abstract submission is now open!

    Hope to see you at INCREaSE 2019!

Activities and Services

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In accordance with its remit, the activities developed by the SAFE consortium are confined to food safety sciences, interpreted in its broadest sense to include agricultural inputs and the complete chains of food and feed production, processing, packaging, transportation, distribution, retail, consumption and consumer research. In scientific terms this includes microbiology (classical, predictive and molecular) including viruses and TSE’s, molecular genetics, genomics, toxicology (chemical, environmental, veterinary pharmaceutical and biological), existing and novel food (preservation) technologies, exposure assessment, risk evaluation and consumer sciences.

The products and services of the consortium include

  • consulting and training activities,
  • participation in EU-promoted and other research projects and
  • promotion and organisation of seminars and colloquia with related publications or position papers.

As an independent association, the services that SAFE provides to non-members can provide value that other agencies cannot:

Organisation of peer-reviewed workshops or seminars aimed to inform the educated non-expert on matters related to food safety. SAFE events generally take place in Brussels and are geared towards Members of Parliament, European Commission officials, Missions to the European Union, national and international funding bodies, industry executives, consumer groups and other food-related organisations and consultancies.

SAFE workshops are usually followed by summary reports and, more recently, by video summaries. Our most recent workshop, "Natural and Microbial Food Contaminants: Riskier Than We Think?" was hosted by a Member of the European Parliament. The cover of the Workshop Booklet is shown below.

  • Read about the workshop here.
  • Download the print summary here.
  • See the 3 1/2 minute video summary here
Contact the SAFE Scientific Secretary, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information on a SAFE-organised food safety workshop relevant for your organisation.


Directed advertisements and other assistance. The SAFE website has hosted employment advertisements which received over 1500 hits in one month. In April 2018, SAFE advertised the European Commission search for Health & Food Safety Administrators and for Policy & Legislative Administrators. Below the banner from the SAFE homepage.

Contact the SAFE Scientific Secretary, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information on advertising your job openings on the SAFE website.


The geographical ‘operating area’ of the SAFE consortium includes all of the European Union and the Associated Member States and Countries (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland etc.) which are fully active within the scientific framework programmes of the Union. Members from outside of Europe with an interest in European food safety are also welcome to apply for membership and the SAFE consortium welcomes activities worldwide!

Interesting Notes

Do you work for a SAFE consortium member institute?


Register as an Individual Member of the SAFE consortium and access Member's Only pages including downloads of documents and presentations, plus receive SAFE announcements directly by email !


Registration is simple. Send an email to the SAFE Scientific Secretary, Katherine Flynn, from your institution email address and include your three Food Safety interests.