The SAFE consortium is the short name for The European Association for Food Safety. SAFE is a non-profit, non-governmental international association of a scientific nature. SAFE was founded in Brussels in 2002.

SAFE is an association of organisations who pursue activities related to food safety: Public or Private Research Institutes, Universities, National or International Associations or Societies, and Research Groups and Departments within these organisations. The requirement for membership in the SAFE consortium is to do high quality food safety-related science and to be free to publish in the public interest.

The SAFE consortium is governed by the members: Decisions are made at general meetings of the members, including but not limited to the Annual General Meeting, and by the member-appointed Executive Board. The general meeting of the members is the supreme governing body of the association. All members are invited to participate in the general meeting.

SAFE is as an independent voice for food safety research in Europe for the ultimate benefit of the public.